Infosys recognized as a leader in AR/VR/XR Services by Avasant’s 2022 RadarView Report

About Infosys

Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. Over 300,000 employees work to amplify human potential and create the next opportunity for people, businesses, and communities. With more than forty years of experience in the workings of global enterprises and managing the systems, we proficiently steer clients in more than 50 countries and help them navigate their digital transformation powered by the cloud.

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About the Report:

Augmented reality, virtual reality, and extended reality are niche technologies that are yet to be adopted at scale. The AR/VR/XR Services 2022 RadarView aims to help enterprises comprehend the evolution of these technologies and the vital role that service providers such as Infosys play in this ecosystem.

Avasant evaluated 42 providers using a rigorous procedure across 3 key dimensions: investment and innovation, practice maturity, and partner ecosystem. After this severe evaluation, Avasant recognized Infosys as a leader in the ecosystem.

Why is Infosys a leader in the AR/VR/XR ecosystem?

Infosys has been active in the AR/VR/XR ecosystem since 2017 and focuses on delivering open-source and web-based AR/VR/XR services. Infosys is a pioneer in making metaverse applications flexible and accessible having set up Metaverse Foundry, which is a ready-to-use library with over 100 use cases and templates. The metaverse foundry leverages AR/VR, blockchain, NFT, IoT, AI, cybersecurity, and 5G to advance value exploration in the metaverse.

Why is Infosys a leader in the AR/VR/XR ecosystem?

Key IP and Assets

  • Infosys XR Platform: An XR app development platform
  • Infosys XR Collaboration Framework: A framework to deliver XR collaborations using head-mounted devices
  • Infosys 360 WebXR Experience: A tool to build VR tour applications from existing 360-degree images/videos
  • Infosys Virtual Living Labs: A platform for metaverse experiments in 3D Web and VR


Infosys offers a device, platform, technology, and tool-agnostic approach for the XR-based delivery of services. Infosys has vast experience in developing XR solutions across industry verticals. This includes digital twin for aircraft turbines, virtual equipment inspection and maintenance, gamification-based learning, and virtual retail stores.

Infosys has established partnerships with more than 15 technology providers in AR/VR/XR hardware, software, cloud, and edge. These partnerships are leveraged for specialized training and certifications, early access to beta versions of software and assets, and joint solution conceptualization.

Analyst’s Insights

“The demand for immersive technologies is rapidly increasing due to the need to enhance virtual collaboration, improve customer service, and speed product design. However, enterprise expectations for more intuitive and easy-to-deploy AR/VR/XR solutions have put service providers under pressure. Infosys is meeting this enterprise need by delivering open-source and web-based AR/VR/XR services through its XR Studio, which is backed by its low-code/no-code and artificial intelligence capabilities. It augments these capabilities with a metaverse foundry that comprises over 100 ready-to-use templates and use cases.

Infosys’ sharp focus on delivering experiential AR/VR/XR services through a device, platform, technology, and tool-agnostic approach and a robust strategy to acquire startups for 3D design environments and visualization makes it a prominent player in driving the adoption of immersive technologies. These features have led it to be classified as a leader in Avasant’s AR/VR/XR Services 2022 RadarView.”

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