Reclaiming the self

It took 197 phone calls from her mother, encouraging “Rebuild Your Life” to make her quit a toxic relationship and move out.

Reeba Sajiu

Electricity Restored

Thought it was a city-wide blackout. Oops…just at our house with old parents, I was away. Fix was just a call away.

Anshu kiran

Cook Assist

Unannounced guests at home. Few ingredients missing in the kitchen for recipe . Dialed mom and she saved the day with easy substitutes.

Rashmi Kiran

A Dream come True

With trembling hands, I picked up her call. Zoya yelled, “Got the tickets, bestie!”. I’m ecstatic to watch the pop queen perform.

Anis Fathima N

Unexpected Connections

A call from her long-lost friend connects Sara with her childhood memories. Sometimes the best things are just a phone call away.

Swaliha Hydrose

Love at first call

Major A, left for the border right after their wedding day. One daily phone call flirted with their emotions. And love bloomed.

Anamika Mahajan

Voice Of An Angel

Funds dwindling and banks not extending credit. Our start-up's survival was hanging in fine balance. In comes the call. Term sheet issued

Raja Rajeshwari Rajasekaran

A Long Awaited Call

Benched for 5 matches, I had lost all hope to play. Happy tears rolled when the coach called to say 'You're in'.

VarshiniShalika A

Work life Balanced

I was drowning in guilt, torn between my love for my newborn and work. What a blessing WFH is for working mothers!

Naveen K

Celebrity Surprise Calls

I loved it when LeBron made a phone call to his fan recovering from brain surgery. It lifted the young boy's spirits.

Raja K

GPS To Rescue

At 6000m, with scant oxygen and a broken leg, I thought I'd die. The rescue team tracked my phone and saved me.

Raja K

When The World Won Over Cancer

With some phone calls, the best doctors came with a few clicks, the world funded my treatment. That's how I defeated cancer.

Rogith D

Love Over War

Phone calls are the only way I connect with my son lost behind in the evacuation. He says not everyone's an enemy.

Ramkumar R

Mixed Emotions

That day’s two calls were extremes. The arrival of my niece and the sudden demise of a close friend. Life’s equillibrium realized.

Ramkumar R

Sim sized saviour

Had never ever imagined that a mere phone and a SIM woud be the reasons my fingers would be typing this out.

Rajasree Rajasekaran

All Becomes Fair

Under heavy artillery shelling, I heard the first cry of my newborn on the phone reminded me of why we were there

Akshayaa M

Remote Rally

We were four weeks away. Her water broke. I wasn't around. One call and six friends rushed her to the nearest hospital.

Rajasree Rajasekaran


From a scratchy voice to a smiley face. In a changing world, the world is being changed, a few bits and bytes.

Subi Kapoor

Courtship over Calls

Heart warming conversations over calls, helped me and my fiance to cement our relationship during lockdown years despite living in different cities.

Sai Adithya M


11.48 pm, Aug 15, 2018, Kerala floods. Location, please. Sending. 4.18 pm, old couple rescued from rooftop. My parents are safe now.

Sangeetha Mathew

A voice to remember

He left the world forever, but I can still hear his old voicemails to remember how it felt back then with him.

Hrithik Raveendran

Miles Apart

So close to each other's heart but are miles apart. With just a click of a button Telcos converts miles to zero.

Kapil Mall

Telco kickstarted my career

I didn't have PC or job but telco helped me reach out to recruiters over multiple communication channels to land a career.

Dinesh V Sathappan

Love the Life you Live

Life - A reality to be experienced.Telcos takes my connections, emotions, lifestyle, passion, work to another level, which I can cherish forever.

Vandana Bhandary

Faith Over Fear

Being low sometimes working away from your dear ones. Telcos helped me in getting touch with them and bringing joy in life.

Rohit Bali

Bridging the gap to connect hearts

I initiated the video call to be greeted by 20 enthusiastic kids of Rajpur village for their 14th day of English lessons

Trishita Chakraborty

Life is Redefined

Life is redefined. Flow of life was halted by Corona, Thanks to Telco's who gave everything back (Life, Work, Relationships, Memories, Entertainment).

Brahmanand Chidambaram

Virtual reunion with family

Cadets faces tough training, but call with family motivate and remind him of their love. Thanks to new telco with strong coverage

Aditya yelgawakar

She said YES...

Far from her, in love with her. I asked “will you marry me” on call, with all her love she said YES!

Harsh Bhanushali


Being a Nurse, she had to remain in hospital during pandemic My regular communication with her was made more easier by telcos.

Sophia G

Love is in the air

When distance seems too far,and I want you near me I click a button,and you are close as can be.

Kamlesh Kalwar

Early morning conference call

Hair messed up, coffee hot.Presentable, I am not!Joining meeting in pajamas...It's ok, they don't know.They think I'm professional.

Jennifer Sitapara

The Great Meeting.

Facetime meet Grandma, Grandma meet Facetime. Together you can connect to all of your 13 grandchildren, hairdresser, and all the in between's.

Bernie Horvath

Childhood buddies

Our first phone was a long string with two plastic cups at either ends. Now forty years later we do video calls.

Manoj Nair

Overcoming distance barriers through technology

Mother. Alone thousands of miles away. In need of medical assistance. Staying virtual connected till help arrives. Blessed to have this medium.

Nisha Dhalta

Living far from family

Seeing my great-grandma’s face light up once she realizes the “still picture” of me is actually a live video is priceless.

Michelle Roman

College Days Revisited

Me and my college buddies have been on Zoom calls every weekend the past two years reliving memories from 20 plus years.

Magesh Ramamoorthy

You Will Always Be Loved

Seeing my grandfather in his last moments. Saying goodbye from 3,000 miles away. Letting him know he's loved beyond measure, greatest blessing.

Lindsey Dillon

Telcos and The Mother

The mother's concern whether her child has had their meal on time or not, is satiated with the power of telcos worldwide.

Rudrajit Chakrabarty

An Emotional Separation

For his family and uplifting them he moves miles away no matter what, telco beautifully connects him with family way too smart!

Ravishankar Srinivasan

Realizing Dreams

Press a button and the world’s knowledge streaming to phone for next to free, Thanks telephony for bringing the world to me

Rohan Bhate

Ubiquitous and Omnipresent Backbone

As families go global, lives become digital, world is flatter and smaller, Telcos are ubiquitous and omnipresent backbone bringing all these together.

Sushil Kumar

Divided by oceans united by Telcos

Families divided by Oceans, brought together by telecom. No distance matters, feel joy of having our loved ones right next to us.

Vidya Waghamare

Happiness is Mother and Daughter time

Mother and daughter separated by miles sharing laughter, endless love and memories. Distance was no matter for their bond strengthed by Telco.

Shanmugapriya Selvakumar

Waiting to be entertained

While granny is busy reading, things that keeps cats - Neo and Gideon entertained are facetime from sister in uni and fish videos.

Priyal Potabatti

Big Breaking news

Residing in city far from home, yet telcos helped me stay with parents, from clearing their technological doubts to breaking big news.

Bhanusri Tamarapally

Lost Signal

Roaming, searching for a connection, her call drops. Frustrated, he cursed his phone, unaware of the true culprit - a storm miles away.

Shijil Raj

Forever Treasured Words

A lifeline that enabled to hear my grandfather's voice last time before he passed away, holding memories as my most precious treasure.

Sarthak Khare

Fantasy turns into Reality

I would like to be in a two different occasion from the same place. Telecos made this fantasy to reality. Nothing missed!

Mallicaarchana SM

Connecting people from different regions

When I get excited about stuff I can talk about it someone easily from different corners of the world without any problem.

Bhupendra Kumar Sahu

Telco the unsung hero

Grandparents seeing grandkids growing up, far flung cousins re-living their childhood through Zoom, learning through Youtube, the hidden foundation is a telco.

Jaiganesh Santhanam

Hop Talk See

Streaming music on trail runs, Dazzling montage of family memories, Making Connections with people so easy, So much GOOD we do together

Saurabh Lal

Calling Life

From listening my wife's first hello to watch my baby's first cry…this is my story of life, love, marriage and birth.

Vijay Yedke


During covid crisis, Telcos helped me a lot in connecting with my family and provided remote medical care at comfort of home

Ankit Chaudhary

So far still so close.

Talking to my family over a phone from my hostel really helped me to stay away from home in high school days.

Anil Dixit

Expat Connectivity

Reliable telcos kept me connected to all my loved ones while working abroad, those calls and messages helped to ease my homesickness.

Lou Khalil

May be a few minutes...

When only that coin box used to be the only source to talk to our parents from hostel filled our little hearts.

Veshala Jeevitha

Lose Together And Win Together

Moments when I saw telephonic conversation of Indian PM consoling emotional women hockey team after an Olympic match, it EMPOWERED me too.

Notosh Sharma

Lost Signal

Roaming, searching for a connection, her call drops. Frustrated, he cursed his phone, unaware of the true culprit - a storm miles away.

Shijil Raj

Forever Treasured Words

A lifeline that enabled to hear my grandfather's voice last time before he passed away, holding memories as my most precious treasure.

Sarthak Khare

Sense Of Presence

6 years of separation from my father , millions of calls and messages.Thanks to telcos for bringing my father closer to me.

Nigar Mohsin

The Long Distance family

Distance divide us, Separating loved ones far. Telcos keep us close. With touch of a button our hearts connect in endless smiles.

Our little Munchkin

Nephew born in the age of covid, life got restricted stuck too far. Thanks to telcos, via videocalls we celebrated it together.

Anshul Bhargava

Hope in life...

Submitted portfolio to a security and got confirmed your name in the selection from the team can't believe still how happened Wonder!

Dharvesh Ahamed

Just a call away

Connections are just a call away. Telcos tuned new science of emotional connects with customers, long distance relationships are more stronger now.

Sumit Sagar

Bringing hapiness to a sad and loneliness working at distance

Every memory saved in cloud, being remember automatic, finally paid off when I had to stay at work in my girl´s birthday.

Eduardo Villalobos

Happiness calling...

When father goes on an assignment to neutralize the anti-corruption activities in the country, his call after the work brings happiness.

Rishabh Saxena

Two Fluffy Long Ears

The moment we saw his two fluffy long ears over a video call, Rusty had made his way instantly into our hearts.

Dhruv Kanal

Call of Career

“Is my name on the list” I asked the receptionist nervously. “Yes” she said. Thus began my 22-year journey with Infosys.

Niharika Pothukuchi

Childhood Memories

6 boxes of pictures.. some damaged some good… Thanks to the strides Telcos have made all pics go on cloud forever

Arjun Pawar