In an era where commercial digital services are now at the core of our lives, and whether people are at the local supermarket or on a banking app, there’s an expectation that services will be engaging and secure. Public sector digital services are no exception. Indeed, the global pandemic has elevated the role of Public sector digital services. The public sector plays a vital role in enabling the health, safety and overall wellbeing of citizens. It has amplified the importance of optimising people’s interaction with the public sector, reinforcing a strong appetite among citizens for more seamless, self-service public sector platforms. Agile and accessible digital government services have never been more crucial to optimising public welfare.

Infosys surveyed 1,500 UK residents with the principal aim to understand.

  • Citizens’ appetite for superior engagement experiences and more personalised public sector digital services
  • Insight into public sentiment of digitisation upgrades made by the public sector in recent years
  • Understand the barriers people face when using public sector digital services
  • Feedback from citizens to further optimise the engagement experiences

The Key Findings

8 out of 10 people have accessed digital services when interacting with public sector organisations
85 % Residents think digital government services should be more inclusive to better serve people with disability
53 % Residents are calling for one central log-in across all digital government services – showing strong appetite for a streamlined digital ID
77 % Residents are comfortable with sharing personal information with digital government services – showing trust in security safeguards
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