WEF 2020

Infosys Lounge @ The Panasia Gallery, Promenade 91, Davos Platz

Date: January 21 - 24, 2020

We look forward to our participation at World Economic Forum 2020. For the 50th Annual Meeting, the Forum will focus its convening power, community engagement and platform capabilities to support global, regional and national initiatives that generate positive impact for all stakeholders. The Infosys delegation will be led by Nandan Nilekani, Salil Parekh, Mohit Joshi, Ravi Kumar S and Skyler Mattson.



Live Enterprise and Beyond!

In an era fuelled by digital disruptions, the opportunities to create value are diverse and plentiful. Today, enterprises are advancing on their digital transformation journey to adapt to rapidly changing markets, business needs, and consumer preferences. As organizations adapt to changing technology, business, and customer demands, a new breed of enterprises must emerge -- the Live Enterprise. A connected enterprise that senses and processes information, from the past and in real-time, to respond intelligently and effectively to its environment.

But beyond the enterprise is the wide world of opportunity, one that is ripe for further progress and advancement, where communities are empowering of its citizens, responsive to problems, and collaborative where it is now fragmented and divisive. Technology is the great leveller of our times! And, at Infosys, we recognize the opportunity. The opportunity to make a difference, to create a lasting impact, and to elevate humanity, one small step at a time. As players on the world stage, we are aware that the path to amplified human productivity is best navigated with responsible technological stewardship.




Infosys Digital Radar

Research Findings

Infosys Digital Radar 2019: Barriers and Accelerators for Digital Transformation

The digital disruption is pushing organizations to rapidly acquire and deploy digital capabilities, in order to stay relevant. To gauge the pace of this digital transformation, Infosys Knowledge Institute conducted a series of surveys with senior management executives of global companies with over $1Bn in revenue.

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