The Infosys Lounge

Panasia Gallery, Promenade 91, Davos Platz

May 22 - 26, 2022

This year at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, we outlined how businesses can chart a path to resilience and renew their focus on sustainability, innovate at scale, and reimagine the workplace amidst an increasingly complex global landscape.

The Infosys Lounge

WEF 2022 Highlights

Navigate Your Next

Navigate Your Next

Someone, somewhere trying something no one else had ever dreamed of, choosing to walk a path untrodden, then catching the imagination of several others who join in, till the idea gathers the strength to move us all forward.
That’s navigating your next.

To partner with you and delight your customers in ways they don’t yet expect, to build solutions with you that you are only just imagining, to respond boldly, along with you, to the calling to create.
That’s Infosys.

Navigate your Next

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