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Technology Consulting Services & Solutions

Over the past few decades, Infosys has successfully supported and managed client application landscapes. This has given us significant expertise in, and knowledge of, handling legacy as well as new and emerging landscapes. Our clients are constantly looking to improve the efficiency of their existing IT environment and to deliver more value at lower cost. Thus, while they renew their application landscapes, they also want to enable new business capabilities on next-generation architecture, technologies, and processes to stay competitive and to leverage newer business models.

Infosys provides architecture and technology consulting for Application Development and Maintenance, through expert design, and advisory services. These services renew existing application landscapes, in addition to delivering new applications on next-generation architecture. For us, valuable next-generation architecture is based on open source, enabled on cloud, scalable for the web, and based on reactive and micro-services architecture. Powered by people plus software, our experts do more by leveraging tools, accelerators, and frameworks to provide comprehensive technology services.

Some of the key architecture services provided through technology consulting are:

  • IT strategy and roadmap
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Solution architecture
  • Application architecture

Technology consulting for application services also offers key solutions, such as:

  • Open source adoption
  • Legacy modernization
  • Business assurance services
  • Next-generation software engineering
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