Infosys AI Operations solution is a holistic offering built on our Live Enterprise Application Management Platform to improve the availability, reliability, and performance of application landscape in a business context and with respect to a set of business process KPIs, through predictive analytics and site reliability engineering (SRE) techniques using full stack observability. Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform is an open platform that helps enterprises accelerate their journey towards the live enterprise vision, through a platform centric approach for application management services (AMS)

Infosys AI Operations solution is powered by industry leading full stack observability platforms to holistically monitor the application performance and entire associated IT stack - right down to the core network and infrastructure with a business perspective. This gives the capability to drastically reduce the noise from the alerts, logs, metrics and traces, identify proactively any potential disruptions or anomalies through correlation and predictive analytics and in many cases auto-heal any performance or availability related issues before they affect the end-customers and the business, thereby making the applications more resilient

NextGen Application Management for business outcomes using Infosys AI Operations Solution

NextGen Application Management for business outcomes using Infosys AI Operations Solution

  • End-to-end Business Observability and proactive monitoring
  • Better Application Reliability and Performance with Intelligent Insights
  • Self-healing with cognitive automation using microbots and Bot Factory
  • Business Outcome oriented Approach

Infosys Resilient IT Solution is built on SRE principles and constantly senses the alerts, traces, metrics and logs coming from infrastructure, network, database servers and application components through Application Performance Management platform. The Live Enterprise AIOps engine processes the signals by applying correlations, anomaly detection, and prediction algorithms. Once a problem is predicted, actions like self-healing or notifications are triggered automatically by the cognitive automation components powered by BOT Factory. Automated resolution can be orchestrated at a rapid pace either with front end robotic process automation (RPA), or back-end digital workers

Business benefits of the solution:

NextGen Application Management for business outcomes using Infosys AI Operations Solution

Challenges & Solutions

    Full Stack observability

  • Enviro-topology including dependencies
  • Code level metrics and tracing
  • User experience and behavior telemetry


  • Anomaly detection by
    • Correlation and classification
    • De-duplication
  • Knowledge graph analytics
  • Root cause analysis (RCA)

Self-healing automation

  • Problem prioritization
  • Auto remediation / Bots
  • Real time monitoring of Business Process KPIs
  • Cognitive bot factory

Digital Business Control Center

  • Real-time KPI Visualization
  • Holistic visibility and transparency of failure points
  • Advanced observability for end-end business processes through knowledge graphs and relation maps