Aigo is an AGI-based Cognitive AI, the world’s first and only Chatbot with a Brain.

Aigo AI is used by enterprise customers to deliver hyper-personalized experiences for their customers and employees. Aigo AI is at the forefront of the trend where ‘Conversational AI is the new UI’. Aigo AI sits behind the customer’s firewall, and it is deeply integrated into customers transactional and analytical systems. Aigo AI augments and reduces the number of agents working in the call center, IT helpdesk support center.

Companies and customers love Aigo AI technology because:

  • It has memory and remembers what you said in prior conversations
  • It has a deep understanding of the context
  • It uses reasoning to disambiguate
  • It interactively learns and uses new information
  • Plus, it delivers hyper-personalized conversations at scale

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About the Partnership

Infosys entered an alliance with Aigo AI in 2022, and is a Global Partner.

The partnership entails advantages for clients with:

  • Ground-breaking technology to reduce human agents in the call center
  • White glove support service for each one of the first 10 customers
  • Need based access to Aigo AI experts
  • Infosys is a global reseller of Aigo AI licenses

Joint Solution

Chatbot With a Brain: Infosys Brings You Aigo
Leveraging this partnership, Infosys is bringing to its client the Aigo advantage - a smart chatbot with a brain that can memorize, contextualize, reason, and have a meaningful conversation; And enhance the customer experience while reducing the cost of customer service. Its an industry, domain, and device agnostic transformational technology that goes beyond conversational AI.