BladeBridge provides software that accelerates data platform modernization projects. Their tools deliver a configurable framework for converting legacy metadata and code to more modern solutions.

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About the Partnership

Infosys is a global Authorized Channel Partner of Bladebridge. Through our partnership we are able to accelerate customer's journey on data platform modernization projects. Infosys and BladeBridge partnership benefits include:

  • BladeBridge technical support for sales and/or estimation efforts
  • BladeBridge Analyzer tool is available to Infosys free of charge, to be used in assisting migration project estimation and to help uncover complexities in client environment.

Key Offerings

BladeBridge offer a comprehensive suite of automation tools/accelerators

  • Analyzer - Analyzer is designed to interrogate data platforms to reveal the complexities SMC (%) in their deployment.
  • Converter - Converter provides pattern-based conversion automation.
  • Data Recon - The BladeBridge Data Recon utility enables comparisons to be made between source and target databases
  • Studio - Studio delivers clean consistent ETL/ELT code which follows appropriate naming conventions and encapsulates best practice data mappings out of the box.