Infosys GIS Center Of Excellence offers a wide range of Geospatial Services from Consulting, Implementation, Managed Services, Data Services and Spatial Data Analytics. The Geospatial Services form the core of our solutions to customers, having been integrated with mainstream IT and with various downstream systems (like SAP, Maximo, Salesforce etc.), thus making the solutions spatially aware. As a part of a core Competency group, we cover Energy, Utilities, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, Insurance and have been expanding to other Domains. The synergy between the domain and GIS as a technology has empowered the solutions spatially and has created a value differentiator. Our presence has also been expanding geographically across Americas, Europe and APAC.

Esri As a platform plays a dominant role in majority of the Geospatial solutions. Infosys is actively engaged with Esri globally in building and delivering the GIS solutions. There is an existing partnership with Esri, which is ever increasing, both in terms of client footprint and new opportunities within the existing engagements.

About the Partnership

Infosys is collaborating with Esri globally across different domains and engagements for the implementation of Geospatial solutions.

Esri is a leader in GIS solution and products with a high market share globally in this space. The partnership have opened new opportunities in spaces of Energy Transition, Utility Network, GeoAI, and integrating with other packaged solutions. While Esri is primarily engaged in licensing and Design Authority, Infosys is responsible for delivering the solution. The mode of partnership varies across geographies, with the same kind of objective and deliverables.

Key Benefits

  • Empowering IT solutions with GIS, creating a value differentiator for the customers.
  • Building spatially aware solutions, providing the ability for spatial representation of every asset and infrastructure on the field.
  • Participating in Esri Conferences for a deeper Business and Domain connect with potential customers.
  • Integrating AI/ML with GIS, Geospatially Enabled AI.
  • New growth opportunities- Energy Transition, Utility Network Transformation, Enabling GIS on Cloud, GIS integration framework with other IT systems.

Key Offerings

  • Geo Framework for Web and Mobile Apps
  • GIS Test Automation Framework- Functional and Integration Testing
  • Enabling IT with GIS- integrating GIS with ServiceNow
  • Automate GIS support
  • Assessment Framework for Utility Network and Upgrade platforms