FarEye - Flexible Intelligence for Every Mile

FarEye - Flexible Intelligence for Every Mile

Create a unified delivery experience for your customers with FarEye’s predictive intelligence platform. Achieve end-to-end visibility and configurable orchestration for the first, middle, and final mile - all while minimizing costs and a smaller carbon footprint. FarEye provides one of the strongest networks of full truckload (FTL) carriers in Asia; it is fast-growing in the USA and EMEA, and is currently integrated with an over 2 million network of vehicles through telematics integrations with OEM fitted devices.

The FarEye and Infosys Partnership: Enabling Digital Transformation of Supply Chains with a Predictive Logistics Platform

Infosys combines its deep domain expertise and digital-first approach with FarEye’s Intelligent Delivery Management Platform. This partnership creates a great logistics experience for consumers with end-to-end visibility throughout the delivery journey. The solution set includes advanced last-mile execution, multi-modal visibility, and customer delight across the purchase journey around the world.

Infosys has a dedicated FarEye Centre of Excellence with accredited FarEye solution architects specialized in industry-specific, end-to-end intelligent logistics solutions such as delivery orchestration, delivery visibility, and delivery experience. Infosys, in partnership with FarEye, will enable digital logistics to offer a lean and intelligent solution. It will provide:

  • Improved routing visibility with shorter turnaround time
  • Increased automation with better operational visibility
  • Reduced pilferage and other costs through enhanced productivity

Infosys' supply chain and logistics practice, part of Infosys Cobalt, has been supporting clients for over 20 years with a large team of experts trained and experienced in warehouse management, transportation management, order management, and global trade management. As businesses find themselves at a crossroads while they try to improve margins even as they enhance customer experience, this partnership will enable rapid scalability. In addition, enterprises can get centralized visibility and control of operations and a flexible, innovative, and intuitive experience across the entire logistics ecosystem.

FarEye Solutions

Intelligent Delivery Orchestration
FarEye’s last-mile execution product is helping its enterprise customers across B2B, B2C, and D2C businesses to cater to ever-increasing customer expectations and achieve operational efficiency for their logistics and last mile management.

Intelligent Delivery Visibility
This is FarEye’s platform for shippers and logistics service providers to be able to deliver actionable visibility into their shipments. With this solution, logistics service providers can drive efficiencies and benefit from intelligent automation of their supply chains.

Intelligent Delivery Experience
FarEye’s enterprise SaaS platform aims to increase long-term brand loyalty at every customer touchpoint from pre-purchase to post-purchase.