Google is a multinational IT company that has been fundamentally known for being the house named search engine. Over the past 20 years, they have made many acquisitions in companies that are specialized in development, mapping, mobile, advertising, security, and statistical tools. With their impressive portfolio, they are focusing on being the leaders in all data.

Google’s vision

'Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’

Google’s credentials

  • 74,000 employees in 34 countries
  • FY16 revenue of US$90 billion
  • 20 years of innovation

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About the partnership

Infosys is one of Google’s latest GSI partners with a focus on a number of target accounts across the globe. Currently, we are planning to train and accredit over 200 consultants and implementation experts by February 2018. A number of strategic kick-off meetings have delivered the planned opening of joint pipeline activities, where we have oversight of all matters relating to data.

We are working collaboratively with Google in the following solution areas:

  • Big data
  • Data analytics
  • Mapping
  • AML

The target for our teams will be:

  • Lift and shift of existing clients to Google
  • Data analytics management
  • AML