Kong makes connecting APIs and microservices across today’s hybrid and multi-cloud environments easier and faster than ever before. It powers trillions of API transactions for leading organizations globally through its end-to-end service connectivity platform. Kong’s growing team of engineers and tech professionals work passionately to drive the future of API innovation and service control platforms to help the community and customers stay at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Key Benefits

  • API ops: Leverage powerful automation capabilities to integrate with existing CI/CD pipelines and modern DevOps practices
  • Developer portal: Drive developer efficiency, collaboration, and re-usability of APIs
  • Vitals: Leverage visual API analytics to understand how your APIs and gateway are performing
  • API security: Empower your development teams to add fine-grained security and traffic policies that provide consistency across services and APIs

Gartner® Names Kong a Magic Quadrant™ Leader
Kong was named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Full Lifecycle API Management for the second consecutive year.


Infosys has partnered with Kong to enable enterprises around the globe to transform, create new value, and deliver better and more secure digital experiences to their customers. We help organizations to drive innovation at to scale up or down by giving them the tooling needed to automate and modernize their architecture. Infosys and Kong have joined forces to create unique solutions that allow companies to shorten time to market and accelerate new services and applications by delivering more engaging collaboration and re-usability, leading to higher ROI.

Infosys and Kong partnership creates joint accelerators
Infosys has partnered with Kong Enterprise Service Connectivity Platform to deliver business transformation and process optimization solutions for global enterprises. The Infosys Microservice and API Platform (IMAP) enables organizations to modernize core systems to transform overall business and end-user experience.

Infosys has invested in expanding its accelerators including IMAP and One Click API to bring acceleration to API-led transformation initiatives based on Kong platform. As digital transformation shifts from being a need to an existential requirement, companies across industries are counting on APIs to not just enable but also accelerate their progress. In addition to powering innovation through ecosystem-based development, APIs also provide enterprises the agility to integrate with their legacy landscape and decouple their technology capabilities.

Customer Challenges

Microservices are the new standard for application architecture. Given the pace of change in today's business environment, enterprises are trying to rapidly execute microservices projects at scale. However, adopting microservices presents its own set of challenges that include complex technology stacks and large numbers of new components to manage and monitor.

Key Offerings

Infosys Microservices and APIs Platform (IMAP) - Platform-based Microservices Delivery
A platform-based approach to microservices delivery provides the foundational building blocks for cloud-native runtimes, DevOps, and agile methodology. IMAP frees application delivery teams from having to learn the entire machinery of cloud-native delivery so they can focus on business needs and use cases for their domain.

IMAP provides a way for developers to organize large microservices programs around agile teams aligned to business domains. IMAP is pre-integrated with many open-source capabilities and uses independent frameworks to jumpstart microservices architecture (MSA) style development.

Benefits of IMAP
IMAP integrates source-to-image plugins and CI/CD tooling and completely automates the development-to-deployment lifecycle, enabling DevOps teams to focus on business requirements, code quality, and security.

Challenges in API management

  • Difficulty in governing teams/programs while implementing APIs
  • Lack of central API visibility leading to duplication of APIs within the enterprise across lines of business
  • Time wasted on repetitive and redundant activities
  • Long lead times to roll out an API into production
  • API design and code quality issues
  • Dependency on a central team to build and manage APIs

One Click API management
One Click API is an extreme automated solution that provides a standardized and governed platform at the enterprise level for different teams to implement APIs with high quality, faster time to market, and reduced cost while adhering to enterprise standards and industry best practices.

The solution can work with Kong Enterprise API management platform as well as implementation of APIs on multiple cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, and GCP. One Click API can be used by COE architects, designers, developers, testers, and API operations and support teams.

Features of One Click API

  • Design quality review
  • Pre-built API templates for common patterns
  • 25+ pre-built common frameworks to support core API platform capabilities such as authentication, validation, throttling, and error handling
  • Automation in several areas such as:
    • Generation of test scripts for functional, load, and performance testing
    • API proxy code generation
    • Source codes check in
    • Generation of monitoring probes
    • Code quality and coverage checks
    • Generation of API stubs to support independent unit tests and performance tests of APIs
    • Build, deployment, and testing using pre-defined CICD pipeline

Benefits of One Click API

  • Up to 100% automation for pass through APIs
  • Over 50% effort and cost savings in implementing APIs across its lifecycle
  • High API quality with significantly lower defects
  • Central developer portal for API discovery, on-boarding, and analytics
  • Easy enforcement of governance and standards across teams

For more information visit the Kong website.