Infosys Global Partnership With MongoDB Technology


MongoDB is the leading modern, general purpose database platform, designed to unleash the power of software and data for developers and the applications they build. Headquartered in New York, MongoDB has more than 18,400 customers in over 100 countries. The MongoDB database platform has been downloaded over 110 million times, and there have been more than one million MongoDB University registrations.

Infrastructure independent and cloud agnostic, their data store provides the following functions:

  • Reduces DevOps complexity for modern architecture
  • Handles complex data requirements
  • Automates operations like replication, scale-out provisioning, backup and recovery, self-healing, and such
  • Reduces software, hardware, and human resource cost
  • Addresses the sources of technical debt, including data duplication, complicated software stacks, and bloated infrastructure
  • For more information, visit MongoDB's website:

Infosys and MongoDB share a strategic business partnership, which enables us to provide significant benefits to our clients. The global partnership is designed to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation and application modernization initiatives with next generation database solutions. Together, we help new and existing clients address the key pain points of cost, performance, and scalability across legacy applications. We bring the scale, expertise, and technology to deliver application modernization programs at a global level. The partnership is also driving innovations for the creation of best-in-class industry solutions built on MongoDB.

Infosys offers end-to-end services on application modernization with MongoDB using a software + services approach.

Our offerings cover an entire range of services for MongoDB as follows:

  • MongoDB Consulting Services
    • Application portfolio analysis for MongoDB fitment
    • Proof of concepts
    • MongoDB implementation roadmap and approach
  • MongoDB Implementation Services
    • Software and services offerings
    • MongoDB application development
    • Migration to MongoDB
    • Mainframe offload to MongoDB
  • MongoDB Administration Services
    • MongoDB infrastructure sizing
    • MongoDB cluster administration
    • MongoDB version upgrades
  • MongoDB Data Analytics Services
    • Single view (customer, product, etc.) using MongoDB
    • Real-time analytics using MongoDB
    • Appliance migration to MongoDB

Infosys MongoDB co-created solutions:

  • Application Assessment Framework for identifying applications that are a right fit for MongoDB
  • Mainframe offload to MongoDB to help clients migrate their data off the mainframe and into MongoDB
  • Infosys Cloud Native Development Platform where Infosys has worked closely with MongoDB to help accelerate the development of cloud native applications that use MongoDB
  • Infosys Genome Solution – Industry-centric, enterprise grade end-to-end analytics platform leveraging MongoDB flexible data model and scalable architecture
  • Infosys Database Migration Platform, an end to end solution to migrate RDBMS to MongoDB including source system assessment, optimal schema generation, data migration and data reconciliation
  • Infosys Smart Solution for Water helps organizations to manage critical resource water across the enterprise efficiently managing the demand and supply while reducing the water wastage aligning to organizations sustainability goals. It is a cloud agnostic solution built on MongoDB Atlas

Infosys has a range of software tools, components, and reusable architecture frameworks developed in the Infosys-MongoDB innovation lab.

Infosys wins ‘Partner of the Year’ award from MongoDB

Based on the close collaboration and partnership with MongoDB on multiple fronts, we have been selected by MongoDB as the ‘Partner of the Year’ in June 2020. Infosys has won this award four times out of the last five years, which underlines Infosys’ proven capability in helping large enterprises modernize their IT landscapes through highly scalable and performant solutions built on MongoDB.

  • Relationship highlights
    • 7,000+ MongoDB experienced consultants
    • Joint investments in go-to-market solutions
    • Dedicated alliance and field teams to support business
  • Go-to-market approach
    • Engagements ranging from upfront business consulting through support and maintenance
    • Leading global 2K clients supported by MongoDB and Infosys jointly
    • Joint innovation lab as a part of the partnership to drive solutions to the market
  • Knowledge, solutions, and competencies
    • Dedicated experts working on joint solutions for industry solutions
    • Completely integrated knowledge and competency development model

Infosys – MongoDB partnership press release

Infosys-MongoDB Modern Application Strategy for Enterprises with API Speed Layer