Infosys and Nutanix have partnered to offer a new age ‘Hyperconvergence of Clouds’. It ensures seamless IAAS management across on-premise and off-premise environments to run any app, at any scale, anywhere, and on a single cloud platform.

Capitalizing on Nutanix’s revolutionary, cutting-edge HCI software capabilities, Infosys offers best in breed full stack private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. These solutions are customized, enabling companies to simplify IT operations, focus on their core business, lower TCO, and accelerate innovation for future initiatives. Further, we bring together industry leading web-scale architecture providing unmatched technology, design intelligence and automation with the Infosys Cobalt Cloud community.

Solution areas we partner in:

  • Build and operate a private – hybrid cloud
  • Work from anywhere – EUC solutions
  • Simplify database operations and data management
  • Secure applications
  • Automate IT operations
  • Eliminate backup silos
  • Business continuity and DRaaS
  • Edge and IoT, industry solutions

Nutanix is working closely with Infosys to develop unique cloud solutions under Infosys Cobalt offering. These solutions orchestrate workloads across various cloud environments in a client’s organization.

As the cloud journey evolves, the portability of workloads implies that enterprises can move applications from one cloud to another. Here again, Nutanix plays a key role with its unique solution NCA and its capability to function in any cloud or infrastructure platform. A Nutanix specific hybrid cloud version will be listed along with other engineered solutions in Infosys Cobalt Store. Innovators can build solutions based on Nutanix technology and utilize the key portfolio products to cater to unique requirements like DBaaS, application lifecycle management, Kubernetes platform services, storages services for the cloud, and many more.

The Infosys Polycloud, part of Infosys Cobalt, stack can be deployed on Nutanix, bringing an all-inclusive hyperconverged layer that forms the infrastructure layer for the entire polycloud management layer. It gives the customer a unique cloud solution built with a merging of Nutanix’s technology stack and Infosys’ cloud management framework and services - the best of both worlds.

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