Infosys has established a strong partnership with QAD, a leading provider of adaptive, cloud-based enterprise software and services for global manufacturing companies. QAD ERP solutions support manufacturers facing disruption caused by technology-driven innovation and changing consumer preferences. QAD solutions help these ‘Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises’ respond quickly to market changes and use resources in more agile and innovative ways. Leveraging QAD platforms, enterprises can change their business models rapidly to achieve better business performance and competitive advantage. QAD products are user-friendly, modular in design, and flexible enough to support customers without disrupting business and established processes. Clients consider QAD to be a manufacturing-centric and easy to implement and use solution.

A leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, Infosys is a Global System Integrator (GSI) partner for QAD. Infosys’ vision for this alliance is to empower customers, achieve high user satisfaction, maximize data integrity, minimize cost of ownership, and drive high performance leveraging the power of QAD’s cloud-based adaptive ERP solution. Under this partnership, Infosys provides functional consulting and implementation for QAD customers globally. Infosys and QAD collaborate in multiple verticals such as automotive, life sciences, consumer products, high tech, industrial, and food and beverage.

Infosys-QAD Alliance

The Infosys-QAD partnership offers multiple benefits to clients through our center of excellence and joint initiatives.

Infosys QAD Center of Excellence creates innovative solutions
Infosys has a dedicated QAD Center of Excellence (CoE) that serves as a single platform for all internal QAD training programs, on-boarding, adaptive UX certification, QAD champions programs, and knowledge sharing among the Infosys QAD community. Employees in the QAD CoE have access to multiple tools, business solutions, knowledge artifacts, reusable assets, and frameworks using the Infosys Knowledge Platform Repository. The exclusive QAD CoE enables Infosys to provide expertise in business transformation solutions, upgrades, and support for various global clients.

Greater success through joint initiatives
The Infosys-QAD relationship is a global alliance that drives joint custom solutions, dedicated tools for product development and readymade solutions for different businesses. Infosys brings deep manufacturing expertise that will enable the partnership to deliver breakthrough solutions. Manufacturers can leverage these solutions to do more with less and streamline their operations.

Key service offerings

  • Infosys service offerings for QAD include implementation and upgrade, consulting and systems integration, application maintenance and support, and application development
  • Infosys also provides other services such as independent validation (testing), technical architecture expertise, QAD assessment and compliance, year/quarter-end support, QAD training, and customer experience maturity assessment
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