Infosys Alliance Partner - Syndigo

At Syndigo, we believe in driving real-time value with information that is connected throughout the commerce ecosystem. In order for data and content to flow freely and continuously, an integrated, comprehensive engine is needed. Syndigo is that Active Content Engine.

We have built comprehensive, connected omnichannel capabilities across the content lifecycle—PIM, MDM, content management, syndication, enhancement and optimization—to help manufacturers, retailers, and distributors make smarter decisions and accelerate sales.

As the industry’s first Active Content Engine, Syndigo provides continuous optimization that helps clients win at every shelf; control all content and data flows at every point; and leverage the largest global two-sided network to harness today’s exponential data growth. Syndigo provides exactly what you need to manage content and drive sales, with no trade-offs in quality or control.

Modern commerce is powered by Syndigo, the Active Content Engine. More at


  • Information Management & Governance: SaaS-native PIM, MDM, DAM, across multiple domains
  • Information Creation: Product assets and imagery, including physical data capture and brand-created digital content
  • True Content Syndication: Product content and data distributed to the largest recipient network globally – for eCommerce, distributor/operator sites, store/shelf layouts, & planning software
  • Content Engagement: Enabling Enhanced Content engagement on retail sites & immersive experiences for better sales conversion
  • Content Optimization: Analytics and real-time feedback to close the loop on Operational, Marketing, Content, and Shopper Intelligence, driving better decisions, faster