Infosys-Tableau: A strategic alliance

Infosys Tableau Alliance

Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA) helps people see and understand data. They help customers to quickly analyze, visualize, and share information. More than 23,000 customer accounts get rapid results with their software in the office and on the go, and tens of thousands of people use Tableau Public to share data on their blogs and websites.

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About the partnership

The strategic partnership combines our Data and Analytics services offerings with Tableau’s breakthrough analytics technology. As part of the partnership, Infosys has integrated Tableau’s software into the solutions it deploys to help clients unlock the power of big data.

We leverage our global training facilities to substantially increase the number of Tableau analytics experts in the company. This has ensured that the benefits of business analytics are included within a wide range of client solutions across multiple industries for a truly global business intelligence partnership.

Tableau provides us with the highest level of support in terms of solution development, architectural support, and competency enrichment. With dedicated initiatives and regular connect, Tableau alliance and solution experts organize interventions that help our consultants in gaining deep insights into the technology and solve complex client problems.


Describe Solutions – Brief description

  • Customer Genome: Infosys Customer Genome solution can help to bring all relevant information from the data ecosystem into one boundaryless platform, aid the actual information to anticipate needs, and enhance customer experience across their omnichannel journey.
  • Supply Chain Early Warning: The solution merges enterprise and external data in a boundaryless platform and applies machine learning models to forecast disruptions and prescribe alternate options, thus enabling supply chain executives to make faster and more accurate purchase decisions.

We announced our strategic partnership in 2014:

Tableau’s CEO video talking about relationship: