Teradata transforms how businesses work and people live through the power of data. Teradata leverages all of the data, all of the time, so you can analyze anything, deploy anywhere, and deliver analytics that matter most to your business. And we do it on-premises, in the cloud, or anywhere in between. We call this pervasive data intelligence. It’s the answer to the complexity, cost and inadequacy of today’s approach to analytics. Get the answer at Teradata.com.

About the Partnership

Infosys is a global SI partner with Teradata and together we have enabled multiple large enterprises migrate their data infrastructure to the on-premise, and/or in the cloud. With our expertise in data analytics solutions, data strategies, architecture, design principles and best practices we help clients realize the full benefits of Teradata. Our partnership with Teradata helps modernize enterprise’s data landscape, deploy on-premise, and/or in the cloud, and deliver analytics that matter most to client business. We enable clients to move from traditional data warehouses to new multi-cloud based data platform using Teradata Vantage, the cloud-based platform. At the same time, removing constraints on performance, flexibility, cost, scalability and data diversity.


Data economy is driving enterprises to collaborate with multiple players beyond their boundaries to drive Innovation in their business models and Industrialization of analytics within their enterprise. While cloud is a natural choice to innovate and industrialize at scale, enterprises are facing challenges on the right choice to move their enterprise data warehouse workloads that can meet the complexities around scalability, security, concurrency and performance that the enterprise data warehouses typically provide.

Teradata’s Vantage unique capabilities such as platform choice and portability- runs on premise and on cloud platforms offered by the major providers – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, massive scalability without cost explosion using a sophisticated optimizer that directs queries individually and collectively to take advantage of massive parallelism and highly refined data retrieval, production capability for a variety of large-scale, business-critical workload.

Infosys knowledge and experience in data engineering and analytics, optimizing data model and design, large scale expansions and upgrades ensure a smooth and optimized Teradata eco system for clients. Our experiential PoVs and Solution architectures on Teradata acts as a technical reference to help in client specific proposals and PoVs.

Infosys has developed below unique solutions/tools and frameworks to improve the productivity of a Teradata implementation:

  • DSD (Data Strategy and Diagnostic Solution) - This connects to Teradata and does extensive analysis and diagnosis. Extracts data for the key system metrics, which is represented in a Tableau dashboard.
  • Data Migration Assessment and Recommendation engine – This is used for assessment of inventory and recommending migration approach based on the analysis result.
  • Migration Workbench – It is a UI driven framework which does schema conversion, data migration and data validation activities.
  • iTedge – It is a customized UI based SQL interface with features like generation of custom TPT control files, import and export data through jdbc, support data validation activities.
  • Judex code review tool - This is a DDL review tool which helps standardize the Teradata DDL’s based on pre-defined rulesets and generate a validation report with results. This mechanism helps to reduce poor data models and designs of database.
  • DBA Related Solutions-We have solutions to support Teradata Database administration activities like user/database creation, backup, restore, system monitoring solutions, workload analysis, recommendation, security, and access management solution, generic pre and post DBA activities during Teradata expansion and upgrades.