The Infosys TIBCO partnership delivers business transformation and process-optimization solutions for global enterprises to enable modernization of core systems to transform the overall business and end user experience. In the era of rapid digitization and new age integration patterns, Infosys TIBCO service offerings have evolved to meet the emerging market demands for APIs, Microservices and Hybrid Integration. Traditional TIBCO services are now being delivered through the PaaS paradigm bringing in the efficiencies and value of CICD and DevOps.

Key Benefits

Delivering value through Joint Innovations:

  • Real Time Operational Intelligence
  • Microservices and API Platform
  • Digital transformation Solutions
  • Integration Modernization
  • Business Process Digitization

Key Offerings

  • Any Data Hub
  • Cloud Migration
  • Master Data Management and
  • Data Virtualization
  • Hyperconverged Analytics

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