Infosys Digital Supply Chain, part of Infosys Cobalt, partners with enterprises to build resilient, cognitive and sentient supply chains by reimagining supply chain networks, platforms and digital first processes and opportunities. Our unique startup ecosystem, a key differentiator for fostering hyper-innovation for our clients, brings cutting edge disruptive capabilities targeting a precise set of emerging micro needs.

Industrial businesses today require blazing fast moves for responding to their dynamic and rapidly changing environment and leveraging emerging opportunities. Connected real-time economies have emerged as key enabler in helping companies adopt digital pace and digital agility to accelerate innovative strategies, drive new revenue streams, extract higher ROIs in operations and respond swiftly to ensure the safety of people and environment. Vantiq, through their offering of Low-code Real Time Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS), has created unique success stories of real time economies in smart cities, smart buildings, oil and gas, telecom, healthcare and other industries.

Infosys and Vantiq’s strategic partnership enables our clients to hyper-innovate with real time economies in digital supply chain ecosystem, driving pace and unlocking a new class of business benefits. In fact, our joint Digital Supply Chain innovation accelerator service changes the way clients build real-time applications that can sense and respond to events across the supply chain. Curated for themes like connected maintenance for assets, logistics and distribution optimization, proactive people and environment safety, compliance and control, the accelerator service offering enables development of business capabilities in days and weeks.

Key Benefits

  • Real-Time Condition Monitoring in logistics sector leading to Prescriptive Actions (Example: Automotive, Preventive and Corrective actions in real-time for rail, truck and waterways transport)
  • Workplace Safety in real-time through correlation of multiple events in factory shop-floors and office workspaces
  • Asset Tracking through events using IOT sensors and maximize operational awareness
  • Event Driven Application Integration and transforming data flows into real time event flows
  • Customer Management by enabling AI systems to react to real-world events

Through this collaboration, we will work towards delivering faster digital outcomes for businesses to improve their customer reach, operational efficiency as well as create immediate and data driven business impact across industries such as retail, manufacturing, oil and gas, telecom, healthcare.

Key Offerings

  • Innovative real time applications in logistics and distribution optimization
  • Connected maintenance
  • Modern workplace transformation
  • Real time compliance and safety management.
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