Worksoft empowers leading global enterprises to accelerate digital transformation with its Connective Automation Platform, the industry’s only solution delivering a closed-loop approach to automation that connects process intelligence, testing, and RPA.

Offering day zero value with a codeless platform that’s easy to use, maintain, and scale, Worksoft’s Connective Automation enables enterprises to navigate change with confidence, ensure flawless execution of horizontal business processes that span multiple applications, and gain actionable insights to support process optimization.

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Worksoft’s Connective Automation Platform unlocks the potential of automation by breaking down barriers between systems, teams, and data analytics to facilitate business and IT alignment and enable faster time to market with reduced risk and rework. With Worksoft, automation can be created, shared, and repurposed to understand, de-risk, and optimize business processes—all from a single platform.

Worksoft’s automated process discovery and process mining streamline automation creation for both testing and RPA, while also creating a continuous feedback loop for unparalleled 360° process insights that enable organizations to identify and prioritize opportunities for optimization and improvement.

Infosys has partnered with Worksoft to support mutual client needs to speed project timelines, reduce risk, and manage change in their ERP practices.