Infosys ranked among Best Companies for Leaders: Survey

Infosys was among the 'Best Companies for Leadership' in a survey by Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Hay Group, a global strategic consulting firm. Infosys was ranked # 10 in February 2010.

The survey invited employees of global companies to rate the leadership development practices at their company. In addition, respondents nominated three companies for developing leadership at all levels. A total of 1,869 executives from 1,109 companies across 98 countries participated in the survey.

How Infosys Leads the Way in Leadership

In a special report, reports how Infosys has developed a culture of training and grooming leaders. According to Jacob Peter, a consultant at Hay Group, "It (Infosys) is walking the talk when it comes to investing in developing its leaders." He says that Infosys can compete globally because it invests time, effort and money in leadership development, and has "a talent pipeline that can feed this growth."

Published with the permission of Bloomberg