Infosys, the most sought-after company in India: Business Today Survey

Infosys is the best company to work for in India, according to a survey conducted by Business Today-Indicus-PeopleStrong in 2009.

Infosys was rated the leading choice of employees with an index score of 100 on parameters of career and growth plan, prestige/ company reputation, training/ coaching/ mentoring, financial compensation and benefits, job content, and merit-based performance evaluation.

The cover story of Business Today dated February 7, 2010 features a survey of a cross-section of students and employees. The magazine reports that Infosys is the most sought-after company at campus recruitment in engineering colleges due to a "meritocracy that embeds and values skills, which in turn, ensures Infoscions (as company staffers like to call themselves) a financially secure future."

Infosys has been ranked # 1 in the ‘Business Today Best Companies to Work For’ five times in a span of nine years, during which we did not participate in two annual surveys. In the fiscal year 2010, our people practices were recognized with -

Published with the permission of Business Today

Excerpts from the Business Today Cover Story (February 2010 issue) on the BT-Indicus-PeopleStrong Survey of India’s Best Employers

"The draw: A meritocracy that embeds and values skills in its people, which, in turn, ensures Infoscions (as company staffers like to call themselves) a financially secure future. As a recruiter, Infosys is the most sought after at engineering campuses nationwide, where they hire from streams as diverse as civil and chemical engineering... But every year, it receives some 1.1 million applications for some 18,000 positions-a 1.6 percent intake ratio that ranks it in the same league as the IITs and 6 times choosier than Harvard University.

...Other inherent strengths of Infosys keep it buoyed in the minds of job-seekers. Its consistent communication with its people, customers and partners makes it a credible place to work. “There is a razor sharp focus customer intimacy and this is clearly communicated to and accepted by employees," says Manohar Atreya, Technology Practice Head for o3 Capital, a Bangalore investment banking boutique. Atreya worked for a decade at Infosys until 2007. The habit of the founders to take ownership of business reality-they took a voluntary pay cut when the slowdown struck-makes for inspiring lore for starry-eyed recruits hungry to make a mark."