Infosys' corporate governance provides highest level of assurance: ICRA

Infosys has received the highest rating on corporate governance by ICRA, a leading credit rating agency in India. Our corporate governance practices have been rated at CGR1 in ICRA’s Corporate Governance Rating (CGR) scale of CGR1 to CGR6.

According to ICRA, Infosys adopts and follows practices, conventions and codes that provide its financial stakeholders the highest level of assurance on the quality of corporate governance.

Transparency and Robust Management
In its report, ICRA states that "the highest CGR rating continues to reflect Infosys’ transparent and disbursed ownership structure; sound Board practices; reasonable sized, cohesive and articulate Board; its robust executive management structure with visible depth in management; the considerable thrust on internal systems and control; its current high quality of disclosures, sound financial position; and consistent high profitability."

ICRA highlights our strong executive management structure, the high quality of disclosure practices and standards of transparency far beyond the regulatory requirement.

*Reproduced with permission from ICRA