International Award for Infosys 2006-07 Annual Report

Infosys won Silver in the 2006 Vision Awards Annual Report competition of the League of American Communications Professionals LLC (LACP).

LACP, a public relations industry forum, recognizes companies that demonstrate exemplary communications capabilities. LACP’s 2006 Vision Awards received more than 2,500 entries from 21 countries, representing a broad range of industries and organization sizes.

The Vision Awards results are based on peer-level competition classes to create a level playing field among entries. The classes are determined according to company size, annual revenue and other factors.

Infosys’ 2006-2007 Annual Report received a score of 95 on 100. It was rated 100% for:

  • Report narrative
  • Message clarity
  • Information accessibility
Infosys was also rated on:
  • First impression
  • Report cover
  • Letter to shareholders
  • Report financials
  • Creativity

Learn more about Infosys' LACP Silver Award

Winner of the LACP ‘Silver’ award: Infosys Annual Report 2006–2007: Flash | PDF