Infosys among world’s top 50 most reputed companies

Infosys was ranked among the top 50 most respected companies in the world by Reputation Institute’s Global Reputation Pulse 2009.

In a recent survey of Indian consumers conducted by Reputation Institute, Infosys earned a Global Reputation Pulse rating of 77.45, placing it 39th on a list of the largest companies in India. The reputation score of Infosys is above the average rating of all companies rated by consumers in 32 countries. It places Infosys in an elite group made up of the 200 best-regarded companies in the world.

The Global Reputation Pulse measures corporate reputation by averaging perceptions of trust, esteem, admiration, and good feeling from a representative sample of 100 local respondents who are familiar with the company. Reputation Institute is a private advisory firm that specializes in corporate reputation management. The Institute conducted over 60,000 online interviews for a consumer survey in more than 25 countries across six continents to measure the corporate reputation of over 1,000 companies.