AIMIA and Infosys: A strategic partnership

AIMIA is a global leader in loyalty management that offers a full suite of capabilities, including analytics and insight, channel and employee engagement, and event management. They own multiple brands such as Aeroplan, Nectar (Italy and the UK), Air Miles Middle East, LMG Insight & Communication, and Carlson Marketing.

In this video, Phil Eames, Chief Operating Officer, AIMIA, talks about how Infosys has been a strategic business partner and has helped AIMIA grow globally through product or service development while managing to integrate local products or services specific to a market.

AIMIA is a leader in delivering loyalty programs across the globe. Their main challenge was how to stay ahead of competition and market. AIMIA found Infosys as a stable partner who could deliver these requirements and meet the demands of their customers.

Phil also speaks about one of their biggest loyalty programs in Europe – Nectar loyalty program that was designed, built and is currently maintained by Infosys.

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