Sony Mobile Communications and Infosys: Delivering a successful partnership

Client: Sony Mobile Communications
Industry: Mobile Devices – Retail Division

Sony Mobile Communications Inc. (formerly Sony Ericsson) is a multinational mobile phone manufacturing company jointly headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and Lund, Sweden, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation.

In this video, Franck de Dieuleveult, Global Marketing Head of Business Strategic Operations, Sony Mobile Communications, speaks about the Infosys and Sony Mobile journey. This partnership, which started two years ago, has its focus around delivering innovation to Sony Mobile customers using automation and Infosys SaaS solution. The focus of the retail world is now on consumers and delivering engaging experiences to them. Sony Mobile, with its impressive line of mobile phones, wanted to take not just the phone to the market, but an experience value and a long lasting relationship with the customer as well.

He talks about how Infosys helped them realize this goal, backed by a solid and robust IT solution, Design Thinking, and innovation. Being a global telephone manufacturer, Franck also highlights the contribution of Infosys in helping Sony Mobile build a unique brand image across geographies and devices, giving them a competitive advantage in their marketing and operational efficiency.

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