Infosys helps Northumbrian Water transform its field service operations

James Robbins, Group IS Director, and Tim Burfoot, Program Director – Field Service Management Program, talk about how Infosys enabled them to deliver game-changing field service improvements.

NWL is undergoing a change program with a focus to transform the way work is scheduled for field technicians to ensure they deliver field projects and services with the right people, in the right place, and at the right time. In the long run, this will help NWL deliver great customer service.

Infosys and NWL have done some great work together. We implemented a range of solutions, including Oracle Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) platform, to transform the way information is delivered to the field staff. Prior to this, they were using PDA and 2G mobile phones and had access to limited information. Infosys provided a solution on Windows 8.1 tablets that significantly improved the level of information available to these technicians.

This program has not only improved the level of efficiency at NWL, but it has also helped prioritize important customer interactions. Qualitative customer satisfaction scores have also improved as a result of this program.