SITA partners with Infosys to transform its global finance and procurement operations

Colm O’Higgins, Chief Finance Officer, SITA, talks about how Infosys helped transform Strategic Financial Systems, a key program in SITA’s transformation journey, enabling them to provide key stakeholders with superior financial information and business intelligence.

SITA is the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology (IT), empowering airlines and airports across the globe. To improve their efficiency and maintain a global footprint, they partnered with Infosys to transform Strategic Financial Systems, one of their key programs. This enabled them to provide their clients superior financial information and business intelligence. SITA and Infosys worked together for a total of 3 years, out of which 2 years were spent on designing and building, followed by a year of intensive rollout. The synergy between SITA and Infosys not only resulted in a successful program but a lasting partnership as well.