Infosys helps Telstra build the Joint Integrated Enterprise

Telstra is a leading telecommunications and information services company with an international presence in 15 countries.

Telstra grows its international business by:

  • Leveraging their network to be a high-value communications partner for companies operating in the Asia-Pacific region through their global enterprise and services division
  • In-country investment opportunities focused on connectivity
  • Bringing a suite of innovative solutions to market over the long-term through targeted investments

Telstra sought to build a joint integrated enterprise with a technology partner in close proximity to Telstra’s global customers. The company was looking for a partner with robust capabilities, a global pool of resources, and the ability to scale up quickly to meet the growing business requirements.

Infosys enabled Telstra to enhance its Net Promoter Score (NPS) while reducing cycle time. They are developing an operating model to help Telstra upgrade to a global system, thereby offering customers access to Telstra’s offerings.

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