Infosys helped Proximus in their largest IT transformation project

Client: Proximus
Industry: Communication

Proximus is a telecommunications company operating in the Belgian and international markets. This leading national provider of telephony, Internet, television, and network-based (information and communications technology) ICT services intends to invest in future-proof networks and innovative solutions, creating the foundations for sustainable growth.

Ivo Cools, CIO, Global Services, Proximus stresses on the significant role that IT services company play as a partner during these times of transformation and re-engineering. He explains how it is imperative that such transformations are fast, agile, and maintain the highest quality standards. Further, Ivo, speaks about how the strategic partnership between Proximus and Infosys enabled them to grow and sustain in such a competitive market.

Infosys enabled Proximus to improve its resilience, efficiency, business continuity, and time to market. He sums it up by stating how Infosys will continue to play a major role in such transformation projects and as a reliable partner to business. The strength of the partnership relies on the fact that Infosys understands its ecosystem and brings in varied industry experience along with its competence in IT.