Infosys re-energizes the core for Leviton

Infosys helped make Leviton’s configure, price and quote process simpler and more efficient. We built a new layer on top of the 30-year-old legacy ERP system and migrated it to Oracle R12 Quote2Cash. This brought together their external sales teams, distributors and individual customers onto a single, integrated platform.

Mark Baydarian, Chief Financial Officer and Scot Hunter, Chief Information Officer – Leviton Inc. share their experience of working with Infosys to strategically revamp a 30-year-old legacy ordering and quoting system, which was slow, inaccurate and expensive to operate. Infosys implemented the transition to Oracle R12 Quote2Cash. This enabled faster and more accurate product configuration, pricing and quoting. It improved customer experience, reduced cost and removed potentially costly inaccuracies. Infosys ensured Leviton had a design architecture that was future-proof and they continue to grow through acquisition, while accommodating any future changes.