Integrated business processes with a global IT solution

Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) operated with multiple, disparate legacy systems and needed a global IT solution that could support this complexity and volume. The IT solution also had to enable systems to interact with each other seamlessly.

Infosys developed a solution for Mazda, which helped provide unified integration across different entities in the organization. This helped Mazda manage its business processes by addressing challenges it faced due to growing business complexities and increasing volumes.

“Infosys configured the Oracle system with Mazda specific data like items, suppliers, and customers and conducted extensive CRP (conference room pilot) with our business users. This part gave us an honest view of what we can expect in the future solution, what the good practices are, what are the gaps which we would need an extension to meet our business needs,” said Cheryl Scudday, IT Project Manager at MNAO.

About the overall experience with Infosys, she said that, “It has been a great experience knowing and working with the Infosys consultants. They are very professional, experienced and knowledgeable, and created a quick rapport and built trust with our business users.”

About MNAO

MNAO is the distributor for Mazda Motors Corporation, Japan, and operates in the US, Canada, and Mexico. MNAO distributes Mazda vehicle parts to dealers in North America.

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