AMD calls on Infosys for an IT transformation through automation

AMD, a US-based semiconductor company, is globally recognized by businesses and consumers alike. Andy Bynum, Corporate Vice President of Global Infrastructure and IT Services at AMD, explains that they partnered with Infosys to run their managed services component for functions that require a structured response. Over the course of the partnership, AMD capitalized on numerous advantages brought forth by Infosys; such as access to highly skilled and trained professionals, technological expertise to address concerns they had with their application portfolio, and the ability to identify and prioritize when a situation demanded immediate attention so that AMD’s business remains unaffected.

One of the very first things Infosys offered AMD was an automation tool for their batch tasks, along with the artificial intelligence capabilities they required to accurately identify and differentiate situations where the system could automatically heal and repair itself, versus those where human intervention was required. Andy says that they see excellent results already.

AMD had 8,000 incidents on an average, each month, and they now expect a 50% reduction in these issues, thanks to the automation tool that Infosys has implemented.

On a parting note, Andy observes that organizations like Infosys, with their industry focus and resources to ensure stability, can further back up the efforts of organizations like AMD as they continue to go through their transformation journeys.