FPWC partners with Infosys to update and increase scalability of their utility systems

Steven K. Blanchard, CEO and GM, FPWC, talks about their transformation journey with Infosys and how we helped transform the company’s legacy systems to an updated and scalable one, helping them provide clients with excellent customer service.

The existing legacy systems at FPWC were 15 years old and designed for smaller utilities. As a result, they failed to keep pace with current trends in the utilities industry. There was an urgent need to update these systems to more scalable ones. FPWC was delighted with the way the Infosys team took ownership and easily worked with their employees.

About FPWC: Fayetteville Public Works Commission (Fayetteville PWC) offers electric, water, and sanitary sewer services. The company provides electricity transmission, operation, and management services. Additionally, it distributes and markets water. The company also operates sewer recycling plants. It caters to commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. Fayetteville PWC was founded in 1905 and is based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, US.