Infosys revamps Epicor’s IT helpdesk and data center operations resulting in near zero downtime and delightful customer experience

Founded in the early 1970s, Epicor Software Corporation is a US-based company that provides industry-specific cloud and on-premise software for verticals such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services. It has grown through numerous acquisitions and one of the resultant challenges, explains Mark Mincin, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Epicor, is the complexity from disparate infrastructure, applications, and processes.

Epicor’s objective was, of course – to reduce this business complexity across the organization and consolidate their 28 data centers. They rightly expected that this would also reduce costs and enhance customer service. As a result, Epicor turned to Infosys to help them in this journey to redesign their data centers, build a migration strategy, and actually execute the migration plan.

In line with expectations, adds Mark, the advantage of partnering with Infosys was twofold: it reduced costs and ushered process standardization, reduction in the number of data centers, and enabled better customer experience. This engagement has led Epicor to see Infosys as an extension of themselves and an important partner in their strategic success.

Mark concludes with a valuable message to CIOs urging them to, ‘determine strengths and internal capabilities, and locate a partner who is capable, strong, and talented in the space that you need.’