‘Building’ resilience in the face of a pandemic

Achieved through automation

During the unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19, smart building automation has been one of the key factors in managing uninterrupted operations in buildings, including critical infrastructure like data centers.

All our campus buildings and data centers have automation systems in place, which can be remotely operated. Physical presence of operations staff has been minimized, while ensuring efficient operations, with experts operating remotely. Thus, automation in our buildings has increased resilience and enabled seamless operations amidst adverse conditions.

Achieved through radiant cooling

At the same time, we have continuously evaluated and implemented innovative technologies that achieve good indoor air quality in buildings and ensure a comfortable and productive environment for employees. Several national and international organizations issued guidelines for air conditioning systems, to maintain good indoor air quality by enhancing fresh air in office buildings. This is because, in regular air conditioning systems, almost 85% of the air is re-circulated within the office space. Innovative systems like radiant cooling are an effective alternative to address this issue.

Infosys has been a pioneer in implementing radiant cooling systems in India, for office buildings. Radiant cooling system is inherently designed for 100% fresh air, thereby eliminating recirculation, resulting in better indoor air quality, in general, and reducing the chance of infections. Additionally, radiant cooling is about 30% more efficient than regular air conditioning. Today, we have radiant cooling in about 5 million sq ft of office buildings space and the technology is implemented in every new building.