Sunshine on our shoulders

Letting in sunlight is not only good for health and well-being but also for saving lighting energy in buildings.

Sunshine on our shoulders

We saw the light...

For us, a smart lighting strategy meant harvesting sunlight by giving our new buildings the right orientation and window design, as well as by adopting intelligent electrical lighting to augment daylight.

Looking in the right direction

We believe that at least 70% of a building should be daylit without glare. The right building shape and orientation, window-wall ratio, window design, and shading design with respect to seasonal variations in the sun’s path ensure that sufficient sunlight can come into the building for the entire year across our India campuses.

A window to energy savings

Our windows are designed to have two sections – vision pane and daylight pane. The vision pane is made of high-performance glass to keep the sun’s glare out, while allowing people inside the building to view the outside. The daylight pane helps to transmit natural light into the interiors of the building, reducing the need for artificial light.

Sunlight reflected off an exterior light shelf penetrates through the daylight panel and is further reflected into the building with the help of the interior light shelf. The interior light shelf ensures deeper light penetration into the interior space. Additionally, using highly reflective indoor surfaces ensures that maximum daylight is reflected from the ceiling and the walls back onto the workspace areas.

Sunshine on our shoulders

Our smart sensors

Artificial lights complement daylight with some help from the daylight and occupancy sensors that provide a special touch to our artificial lighting system.

60% reduction in electricity consumption for lighting

Improves productivity and health of building occupants