How we put an end to shopping queues

Long check-out queues were driving shoppers away. Here’s how we kept them shopping for more.

How we put an end to shopping queues

The problem

Our retail client’s in-store experience was taking a hit because of long check-out queues. They wanted a solution which would provide anywhere-in-the-store check-out.

Why is this a significant problem?

  • Traditional Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems create bottlenecks, resulting in a cumulative loss in sales worth US$15 million, annually
  • Deploying a large number of POS systems is infeasible because of cost and space limitations

Why is the problem challenging?

  • A typical POS system is complex; Integrating/supplanting it is no minor undertaking
  • A mobilized solution needs to integrate with a complex network of backend systems like store servers, CRM systems, store inventories and the like
  • The solution also needs to integrate with diverse hardware such as equipment for barcode scanning, receipt printing, and MSR information

The solution

  • A mobile POS solution that readily integrated with the retailer’s POS landscape
  • In addition to typical POS functions like regular sale and user authentication, it featured utilities like suspending on POS and device (and vice versa), product lookup, and up-sell / cross-sell features
  • It integrated tightly with mobile hardware like Linea Pro™ Sled which enabled the solution to perform virtually every POS function like barcode scanning, card swiping, and wireless printing
  • It was compatible with all mobile platforms

The impact

  • Checkout time for shoppers was reduced by 45 percent
  • Realized significant savings in store space and infrastructure requirements, resulting in increased shelf space of 20,000 sq. ft.