How virtual holiday shopping became a reality

A leading hotel operator was determined to change consumer behavior on social media from simply 'buzz' to 'buy'. We wanted in on this challenge.

How virtual holiday shopping became a reality

The problem

Change consumer behavior on social media from 'buzz' to 'buy' for a leading hotel operator

Why is this a significant problem?

  • Online consumer reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising for 70 percent of global consumers
  • About 38 percent of US travelers and 64 percent of non-US travelers use social networking sites while travelling
  • After a vacation, 46 percent of travelers post hotel reviews

Why is the problem challenging?

Implementing a social commercial solution for a brand present in 90+ countries, with more than 4,000 hotels and servicing 20 million customers is not a small ask.

The solution

  • We implemented a comprehensive e-Commerce and social commerce platform that allows visitors to log into our client’s e-Commerce website using their Facebook account, with a simple connect and register process
  • The platform's reporting and analytics capabilities provide insights into customer behavior and their social interactions
  • This enables millions of registered customers to connect with their social networks and exchange information about their hotel experiences

The impact

  • Online traffic conversions to sales shot up by 20 percent
  • With the platform on the cloud, a saving of 30 percent was accrued in infrastructure costs