Opportunities today have become inseparably linked with advances in IT. But we don’t expend effort to merely give our clients what’s best for them today; we set our sights on what that effort can grow into. Fortifying their business and improving the way we live on this planet. We’re about pushing the limit of what is currently possible – towards completely new areas. Being audacious with our ideas. And then executing these ideas to perfection.


Is that ambitious? Of course it is. But we’ve never let challenges prevent us from trying. And more often than not, we succeed. For instance, we took engineering design methodology and tools – typically used in manufacturing – to create a model heart. That heart is now a valuable research and teaching aid, which is helping save lives – bringing down time to diagnosis and treatment. We were among the first to make large-scale use of light-weight advanced composites (instead of metal) to design lighter planes for our client. These airplanes – that burn 25% less engine fuel – now lead the next generation of commercial aircrafts. Our cloud-based solution is enabling cars, the world over, to communicate with each other and with other devices, in readiness for a world navigated by thinking, talking, and intelligent automobiles.