Infosys Springboard in the US: 21st Century Digital Skills for All

Kate MaloneyKate Maloney, Executive Director, Infosys Foundation USA

Over the past two years, the American population has faced countless challenges, from overrun healthcare systems to seemingly endless uncertainties about the economic future. Business made the rapid shift to remote work, a transition that is proving to now be standard practice for many sectors. Students of all ages pivoted to virtual classrooms, their learning dependent upon access to Wi-Fi, devices, and the technical competency of their teachers. As this increased reliance on technology occurred within both business and academia, the inequalities across communities in the US became even more clear. In fact, studies show that a significant percentage of Americans of working age possess limited digital competencies. If we are to keep pace with the push toward greater technological innovation, there must be targeted investments in equitable digital skills education. Recognizing the urgency to tackle the technology skills gap, Infosys Foundation USA, along with its colleagues, curriculum partners, and global education leaders, has collaboratively introduced a curated selection of free online platforms for all ages and learners. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here are some thoughts from our partners and those who have clicked on the varied offerings:

Start Early: Pathfinders Online Institute

It’s never too soon for K-12 educators or their students to dig into computer science, making, or digital literacy content on the Pathfinders Online Institute. Matt Richardson, Executive Director of North America for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, explains, "we’re delighted that we’ve been able to reach a lot of highly-engaged and enthusiastic educators through our courseware on the Pathfinders Online Institute. Together, we’re ensuring that all young people have the opportunity to become creators and not just consumers of technology."

Push Skills Forward: The Digital Academy

Those in higher education or looking to upskill their foundational digital knowledge can find plenty of courses to prepare themselves for the 21st century economy on The Digital Academy. As a former Infosys Instep Intern and current senior at Georgetown University, Katelyn Barr has used the platform to enhance her pursuit of a liberal arts degree with exposure to the latest digital tech trends: "The Digital Academy has been very helpful in introducing me to concepts my formal degree did not cover. In addition, I have been able to further my professional soft skills during the pandemic through courses focused on remote work, communications, and more."

The digital landscape will likely continue an even more rapid evolution in years to come. In response, Infosys Foundation USA and its contributors will keep pace by providing dynamic, accessible content that enables pathways to the digital future, irrespective of geography, phase of education or professional pursuit. We look forward to supporting all learners on their digital journey!