Increase the Probability of Successful Business Outcomes

Infosys' Business Analysis Centre of Excellence (BACoE) is a co-creation partnership aimed at delivering improved business outcomes for organizations. Both academic and industry research recognize that such 'Centers of Excellence' provide organizations with a vehicle for improved effectiveness and efficiency.

Infosys Australia & New Zealand's BACoE optimizes requirements management and business analysis functions across the entire project life cycle through effective collaboration and application of best practices. Our approach is broadly structured to ensure a repeatable outcome based services model, supported by best practices in People, Process, Tools and Knowledge Management.

The BACoE is supported by a metrics driven Governance Model which enables management to make informed decisions and measure benefits against industry benchmarks. Apart from CIOs, management and project services, the BA practitioner also benefits from a structured competency and training framework.

Do you know how many of your projects deliver the expected outcomes?

BACoE Governance

Over 50% of all errors found during project delivery can be attributed to poor requirements which are the root cause of common project delivery issues. Organizations often acknowledge these issues but fail to address the root cause. These issues left unchecked can have far reaching impacts to the downstream business outcomes. Infosys’ BACoE provides a solution to strategically address these ongoing challenges.

Missed Project Deadlines

  • 60-80% failure rate attributed to one root cause (Meta Group)

Wasted Time and Money

  • 25-40% of spend is ‘re-work’ (Carnegie Mellon)

Intellectual Property Lost

  • IP and re-use drain due to lack of appropriate staff availability

Business and IT Relations Strain

  • 66% of project failure rate due to miscommunication between business and IT (Forrester Research)

Creating Business Value

As a trusted enterprise partner of business, IT and executive management, the Infosys BACoE acts as the vehicle that ties the organization’s strategic objectives to its business needs; enabling IT to deliver successful outcomes through an optimized predictable model. Partnering with Infosys BACoE increases the probability of successful business outcomes and adds associated value.

Partner with us and see the difference:

Successful Business Outcomes

  • Standard repeatable processes
  • Centralized collaboration model
  • Metrics driven management

Optimized BA Capabilities

  • Managed knowledge / IP framework
  • Improved asset reuse
  • Standardized competency and training framework

Improved Productivity

  • Integrated tools and automation
  • Increased staff engagement
  • Access to Infosys BACoE updates

Staffing Solutions

  • Outcome based / managed services models
  • Capacity based models
  • Co-sourcing / partnership models