Digital Twins

Improving Physical Work

For a company in the energy business, what does it cost to fix a leaky pipeline in a remote Alaskan oilfield? How many cars will an automobile manufacturer have to crash-test to certify a new model safe? Does a heavy engineering company have to wait to see which component fails to decide between competing brands? If your business identifies with any of these scenarios, you’ve got good news coming. With smart sensors and cloud technologies, you can now create a digital twin of physical landscapes. This includes structures, systems, processes, products and services so you can then improve them.

As a manufacturer, you can visualize the entire lifecycle of your product in digital form and even build micro services on top. By capturing both historical and real-time product data, and running it through an analytics platform, you can generate insights to identify points of failure and feed that knowledge back into the design and manufacturing process. A service provider can also use the digital twin to simulate a variety of situations and deploy the results into producing superior outcomes.

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