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Asset Management and Servitization

The article is based on an exhaustive research conducted in the area of latest developments witnessed in the Manufacturing business. The concept of “Servitization” thrives on the philosophy of ‘Value Delivery’ as opposed to ‘Manufacture- Sell’ product offering. It has been seen as a prominent transformation within the Industry in the recent years. Manufacturing organization across the globe have realized the potential in engaging with the their customers though the relationship based revenue model of Servitization where they actually sell the output of the final end product as opposed to the end products by itself. The business model emphasizes a concept of value delivery as opposed to a pure product offering. While these business transformations are under way, the role of Asset Management, which is one of a strategic arm of the manufacturing business model, is all set to experience a complete revamp.

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About the author

Rejeesh Gopalan

Rejeesh Gopalan
Lead Consultant, Consulting & System Integration, Infosys

Rejeesh Gopalan is a lead consultant in digital enterprise services at Infosys Limited. He is responsible for providing leadership in enterprise asset management projects involving end-to-end implementation and Industry solutions development covering multiple domains such as Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Telecom and Financial Services. Rejeesh is a thought leader and specializes in areas such as Asset management, Supply Chain Management and Business Process Optimization.

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