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Internet of Things (IoT) will expand the definition of digital transformation

Much in the same way we look back and wonder what we ever did without the Internet, we will look back at this time and wonder how we ever lived without connected devices and connected “things.” Scott Sorokin, Global Head of Digital at Infosys, explains how we will not just be connected to our thermostats, but also to nearly everything in our household, business, and world in the near future. In his article for Business Insider India, he mentions “Everything will be connected to everything. And every ‘thing’ will be connected to every ‘thing.’” Considering the fact that we have already reached the stage where we are able to automatically check-in when we enter an airport, track the location of our luggage in real-time, verify that it is on the plane, receive an alert when our bags have reached the conveyer belt, and automatically notify airport shuttle pickup by tracking drivers’ arrival times.

Welcome to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Scott Sorokin Scott Sorokin is the Global Head of Digital at Infosys. Prior to Infosys he was the Chief Strategy Officer at Publicis.Sapient/Razorfish. Scott has been a strategist and digital partner for senior-level executives at Fortune 100 companies for over 25 years. Providing actionable strategic guidance across the entire digital ecosystem, Scott brings a rare combination of CXO level business strategy, technology and marketing experience in a fast-changing global market.

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Published with the permission from Business Insider

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