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Digital Transformation Is Not Just About Imagination, But Also About Quick Execution

The world is growing increasingly digital. With over five billion mobile phone users, and data-traffic from mobile growing at an amazing rate of 26 per cent year-on-year, we are at the inflection point of digital adoption. This tectonic shift in consumer behavior demands businesses to increasingly focus on tapping the potential of this market.

In this article, Suryaprakash K throws light on how enterprises seeking Digital Transformation must create a focused organization mandated to look for digital opportunities.

About the author

Suryaprakash K

Sury (Suryaprakash K)
SVP and Global Head – Digital, Mobility and Integration Services, Infosys

Suryaprakash (Sury) heads the digital business, one of the fastest growing groups in the company.

As Global Head, Sury is responsible for balancing innovations and business solutions with scalable competency development and reliable delivery for many large Infosys clients. He has been instrumental in expanding the company’s market presence in global consulting and sales, ensuring that best practices are leveraged across industries and regions. Under his leadership, the digital partnership ecosystem has significantly grown, and a digital academy focusing on competency enhancement has been established. He has also set up a strong user-experience team using various new-age development models, supported by global partnerships across several creative firms.

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