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The evolution of the cloud

In this article, Anjali shares her insights on how tech trends have changed the world. We have switched to world wide web (WWW), the Internet, and mobile technologies from mainframes and client-server distributed technologies. She discusses how we have graduated to the world of cloud computing and throws light on the new norms of the cloud ecosystem that impact the ways of working in an organization. This includes cloud collaboration, cloud analytics, cloud mobility, cloud security, and developing artificial intelligence (AI) through the cloud. In addition, she strongly believes that cloud platforms will continue to remain the nucleus of IT strategies until we witness the next wave of IT revolution.

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About the author

Anjali Yadav

Anjali Yadav
Industry Principal Analyst, Infosys

Anjali Yadav is an Industry Principal at Infosys Salesforce.com practice and has been working in the customer experience space for more than 13 years. She manages Infosys Salesforce center of excellence (CoE) focusing on innovations and next -gen customer experience solutions on cloud platforms such as Salesforce.com.